Since year 2005 we are proud of producing and selling finest amber jewelry and articles to the world. Our company is located on the shore of the Lithuania, Palanga, center of amber industry. Our craftsmen have long experience, unique skills to transform time created Baltic amber to a real pieces of art. Company is well-known for making wide array of amber articles, all the products in our online only store are handmade of highest quality natural Baltic Amber.

The inconsistent supply of rough Baltic amber makes it difficult to obtain materials. Due to the rising cost, prices tend to increase over time. We always do our best to keep costs as reasonable as possible.

While other shops, manufacturers work by accepting pre orders with development times and terms, have complicated membership plans and rates, we sell very simple. All our stock is put online as wholesale lots, larger the lot better the rate gets. Complete self service, very fast and efficient. All merchandise are in stock, ready to be mailed same or next business day of payment made.